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To Dec. 31, 1994


Char lottenburgh Twp. now part of South Glengarry
828 Y Free Church (Grinley's) C3 NRR L1OW
856 Y Glen Noir The Glen, MacDonald's) C2 L13N
6482 Y McDermid near Martintown on Indian land, C8 L5 (Rev.)
829 Y North Branch, C8 Pt L7/8
827 Y Precious Blood R.C. (Glen Walter) C BF L7
831 Y Ross (on Edmund Ross property) Martintown
834 Y Salem United Church (Summerstown) C1 Fr. Pt. L16
832 Y St. Andrew's United (Presbyterian) C1 NRR L13 at Williamstown
836 B St. Andrew's United Church, C1 SRR Pt L25 at Martintown
833 Y St. Mary's R.C. , C1 NRR L6/12
6538 Y St. Raphael Is, C6 L8
8349 Y St. Williams R.C. in Martintown, C7 L36

Kenyon Twp. now part of North Glengarry
851 Y Abandoned, Beach or White Church in Maxville (no stones)
839 B Kenyon (Dunvegan) Presby. Church, C9 L25
841 B Maxville, C17 IL PT L8
843 B St. Anthony’s R.C., C6 Pt L36
844 Y St. Catharine's of Sienna, C4 Pt L25 (Greenfield)
845 Y St. Elmo Presby., (Gordon) C19 IL Pt L9
846 Y St. James R. C. , C1 IL Pt L8 (Apple Hill)

Lancaster Twp. now part of South Glengarry

6539 Y Abandoned Baptist (N. Lancaster) C6 L24
848 Y Dalhousie Mills Presby. (Old) C8 Lot 9 (Rev.)
852 B Glen Nevis R.C. (St. Margaret of Scotland) C7 L17
849 Y Lower ( Old Glebe) C1 L38, S. Lancaster at waterfront
850 Y McMillan, C7 L24 (abandoned)
835 Y MacDonald Family (I stone) C6 L16
830 Y Richardson Family, C4 L24 at Wildcat Corners
5367 Y St. Andrew's Presby. in S. Lancaster
837 Y St. Andrew's U.C. (Round Church) C8 L9
853 Y St. Andrew's United, C2 L23 at Bainsville
854 Y St. John the Evangelist Anglican, C1 L30
855 Y St. Joseph Is R. C. , C1 Pt L36
857 Y St. Mary of the Assumption R.C. C8 L38 (Green Valley)
5366 Y The Old Cemetery, L4/5 (same as #849)

Lochiel Twp. now part of North Glengarry

859 Y Abandoned Brodie Family, C5 Pt L6
861 Y Abandoned, C5 L24 (Quigley Corners)
860 Y Abandoned, C7 L26 (opp. St. Columba Presby.)
862 Y Breadalbane Bapt. C8 Pt L6
8242 Y Brodie Covenators' Ch, C5 L8 (Rev.) (same as 866)
825 Y Church on the HiII U. C. , Al exandria town
823 Y Isabella McMillan estate, Alexandria town
863 Y Kirk Hill United, C7 Pt L27
865 Y MacIntosh Family, C8 L12
866 Y Reformed Presbyterian Church, C5 L8 same as #8242
867 Y Precious Blood Monastery Cem. R. R.#l Alexandria
868 Y Sacred Heart R. C. , C2 Pt L35, Alexandria
869 Y St. Alexander's R.C., C5 Pt 18, Lochiel
864 Y St. Colomba Presby., C6 L26, Kirkhill
824 B St. Finnan's, R.C., Alexandria town
871 B St. Martin's R.C. (St. Martin de Tours), C1 Ft L7
872 Y St. Paul's R.C., C6 W 1/2 Lot 9 (Dalkieth)

Total # of Cemeteries in Glengarry is 50, all of which were copied by Alex W & Rhoda and in Alex W Fraser's files.

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