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HISTORICAL MEMORIES, A collection of Newsletters
From the Cornwall Township Historical Society,

St Andrews West, Ontario

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Title: Historical Memories: A Collection of Newsletters
size 8 1/2" X 11"
retail price $25.00
number of pages about 250

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Historical Newsletters Published

As Marland Murray sits in his cozy living room in the Martintown area house that his grandfather built, memories and recollections of the past bring a warm smile to his face and a sparkle to his eyes. Over the years, these memories evoked such strong feelings for local history that Marland and his wife Pearl preserved them in newsletters for the Cornwall Township Historical Society. In total, fifty one newsletters were published starting from1994.

Two of Marland_s greatest pastimes are preserving history through the written word and playing the violin. Last year, faced with deteriorating eye sight, ninety one year old Marland was forced to end one of those passions: writing about local history. _It_s not because we ran out of historical events to write about_, says Marland. _ We just are not able to continue with the research and study that it requires._

Pearl, the editor, researcher and co-writer, nods in agreement. _We have enjoyed writing and preparing them for the Historical Society. Now, the Historical Society has compiled all fifty one newsletters in this one book. It gives us a great deal of satisfaction to know that these memories and anecdotes from the past are preserved for future generations._

The book, appropriately titled Historical Memories: A Collection of Newsletters, is both archival and anecdotally based. It blends local stories from the past with major world events like the two World Wars.

Marland says that he began writing the Newsletters just by chance. _I always had an interest in writing about local history, but being a full time farmer and raising a family, I didnÕt have much time to pursue it._ It was only at the request of the Cornwall Township Historical Society who, in 1984, was putting together a book on the history of the Township that Marland began to nurture his talents and love for history. _They asked me to put something together for that book and I guess you could say that the rests is, well, _history_._

This is not Marland_s first book project. In 1994 he was Book Committee Chairman and played a part in publishing The Evolution of Stormont Agriculture. That book received high praise from the agricultural community in the area.

Perhaps what kept Marland writing the Newsletters for so many years was the encouragement he received from his readers.

_People sometimes contacted me and gave me their take on certain things I wrote about._ Others made contributions of their own to the Newsletters, writing about their recollections of growing up in the area. _We even held an essay contest that encouraged local students to write about someone or something historically significant._ Some of these student essays are published in the book.

Anyone with roots in the area is sure to find something in the book that will pique their interest. Stories like Borden_s Dairy, Lawson_s Transport, the earthquake of 1944 and old love letters retrieved from a pioneer home are sure to evoke memories of days gone by.

Despite the sadness of having to give up writing the Newsletters, Marland is pleased that a young Historical Society member has picked up the torch and will carry on the tradition. Wendy Fox, now living in Greeley ON but with deep roots in the area, is keen to preserve the tradition and build on the legacy that Marland leaves.

Will Marland be bored now that he_s no longer writing the Newsletter? _ItÕs not likely_ he responds as he reaches for the violin he crafted himself. _Now I have more time for my other pastime._

The book cost is $25.00. + shipping;

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