A request for Assistance in identifying

Dussy Seamen

Dussy Dussy

This photo which was provided to me by Mrs. Norma Raynor of Nanaimo, was taken in 1869 is of a young lady by the name of Dussy Seamen. On the right is the back of the photo showing the name of photographer and date of 1869. She may have been brought up near Cornwall, Ontario in the Osnabruck area. She certainly lived in Brockville, Ontario in her life time. She also may have had a link with the Wesley Winters Family in Brockville.

Any help in better identifying Dussy Seaman and her relation to the Winters family would be welcomed by
Norma Raynor
6288 Desmond Road
Nanaimo, B. C. V9V 1C4
e mail hraynor@island.net

The back of the above photo [the right photo] reads
year taken is ---1869
Photographer --- International Gallery,
G. B. Murray
Successor to
A. C. McIntyre,
Corner of Main & Market Sts., Brockville, Ont.
Negative No. 17544
hand written in --- Dussy Seamen

These 2 photos and contents of this page are copyrighted by Norma Raynor

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