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Glengarry County Churches

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BELOW you will find under the names of the Church, CHURCH RECORDS,
here we will list mainly from our own files the starting point the year
in which Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths begin in the church concerned.
Where gaps are missing we will try to find that information where possible
so as to complete this listing and to be as accurate as possible.

Please Note
No Church Records are on line from the information shown
below unless otherwise indicated.

If any church records are put on line by us, then they will be accessible from the Church Records link.
[offline at present]

The Genealogy or DevelopmentNew 3 /2000
of the Churches of Glengarry & Stormont Counties.

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Churches are In An alphabetical order by location.

Any help in keeping this information up to date would be welcomed

Another Page from the Files of HH/GGS, Alex W. Fraser, Rhoda Ross

Mass times Alexandria-Cornwall Diocese Parish Index with addresses, time of Masses, etc.

Also at the Diocesean Centre, or basement of Nativity Church on Montreal Road, Cornwall, Ontario all church records, Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths are on microfilm for all the Catholic Churches within the Diocese of Alexandria- Cornwall and I believe available for public viewing until about 1920, probably by Appointment only, I believe.


  1. St. Finnan's Catholic Church, [Eng.] 613-525-1340 Located at the corner of Bishop and St. Paul Street.
    Some St. Finnan's History scroll down page

    StFinnansAlexandria, Church Records,
    Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths all start in 1833
    and continue to the present.

  2. Sacre Coeur Catholic Church, [Fr.] 613-525-3609 Located at the corner of Main Street and Lochiel Street at lights.

  3. Alexandria United Church --Church on the Hill-- 613-525-2858
    Church on the Hill is part of the Glen garry East Pastoral Charge that includes St Andrew's The Rlund Church Dalhoiusie Mills, Glen Sandfield and Easst Hawkesbury.
    Located at Kincardine Street East and Dominion Street North
    udated 5/16 alexandriaunited Church Records,
    Alexandria presbyterian/United Church marriages 1869 - 1969 and presumable also up to the present for all B M D

    Apple Hill

  4. St. Anthony's Catholic church Eng.] 613-527-2058 Located on Main Street

  5. Zion United Church 613-527-1246 Located on Kenyon Street


  6. St. Andrews United Church Also known as the 2nd Concession Church. Located at 21102 2nd Concession, Lancaster township.
    Minister Rev. Jacquie Frioud Box 411, Lancaster, Ontario K0C 1N0 Tel # 613-525-2990
    St.2nd Concession Church
    Winter scene of church painted by Rhoda Ross, Nov. 1998. Church Records,
    Baptisms start 1833 and continue to the present with some gaps.
    Marriages start in 1834 and continue to the present with some gaps.
    Deaths start in 1854 and continue to the present with some gaps.


  7. Breadalbane Baptist Church

    Located on the 8th concession of Lochiel --- New 9 /2000


  8. Reformed Presbyterian Church [Covenanters]


    Location South of Dalkeith on County Road 23-- Dalkeith Road to Brodie Road turn east,
    left go about 1/4 mile or so an don right you will see Brodie church & cemetery.
    Brodie is north of Glen Sandfield. see map Brodie

    Curry Hill

  9. St. Lawrence Catholic Church, [Bil.] 613-347-2027 Located on 4th Line Road, beside the Cirry Hill Truck Stop, just north of the 401. Priest under St Joseph's Lancaster. Curry Hill Church now closed. Church Records,
    prior to 1904 the records of Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths
    were divided between, depending on where the people lived, St. Margarets
    of Scotland Church, Glen Nevis and St. Marys, Williamstown.
    After 1904 they would be at St. Joseph's, Lancaster.

  10. St. Andrews, Curry Hill, StAndrews,Curry
    This church served the Presbyterians in the Curry Hill ca. 1880 - 1940 and was taken down between 1945 - 1950.
    Church Records,
    Are part of the Church Records of the St. Andrews united Church, 2nd Concession of Lancaster township.

    Dalhousie Mills

  11. St. Andrew's United Church --The Round Church-- , Located South of the 9th concession of Lancaster Lancaster, west side of County Road 23 and north of River Delisle. StAndrewsRound Church Records
    as part of the East Hawkesbury Pastoral Charge,
    Baptisms 1829-1952,
    Marriages 1897 - 1952,
    Deaths 1916 - 1959


  12. St. Paul's Catholic Church [Bil.] now closed 2010

    Church Records,
    The church records are part of the parish of Lochiel, St. Alexanders and start in the late 1940's and continue in some form until the present until church was closed.


  13. Dunvegan Presbyterian Church, Located at the 4 corners diagonally from the Glengarry Museum

    Kenyon Presbyterian Church Marriages 1857-1913 --- New 9 /2000

    Glen Nevis

  14. St. Margaret's of Scotland Catholic Church [Bil.] 613-347-3345

    Church Records,
    Church records start in 1882 and continue until the present

    Glen Robertson

  15. St. Martin de Tours [Bil] 613-874-2930


    Glen Walter

  16. Precious Blood Catholic Church, [Bil.] 613-931-1424 Located at Flanagan's Point, Highway #2


  17. St. Catherine of Sienna Catholic Church [Eng.] 613-527-5759

    Green Valley

  18. St. Marie d'Assumption [Fr.] 613-525-2679 Located on Main Street [Highway 34]

    Kirk Hill

  19. Kirk Hill United Church, west church, 7th concession of Lochiel north side of road.

    Kirk Kirk

    Kirk Hill 150th Anniversary article from Glengarry News

  20. St.Columba's Presbyterian Church east church, 7th concession of Lochiel south side of road.



  21. The Methodist Church, 1878-1903.
    It was located of South Terrace Street, but This Church no longer exists.
    Church Records, Baptisms, Marriages, have been published by us for the period 1878-1903.
    If other records exist for this church I am not aware of it.

  22. Knox United Church, is now closed knoxchurchlancaster
    Located on corner of Molan and Collin Street
    Church Records,start in about 1876 for Baptisms, the late 1880's & 90's
    for Marriages and Deaths and go till church ws closed.

  23. St. John's Anglican Chuch, (613) 347-3804 Also known as -- The Church in the Wildwood--, Located at 20788 South Service Road, Lancaster township just west of Glengarry Park which
    is opposite the former tourist bureau on the 401 highway.
    Church Records,start about 1898 and continue to the present with some gaps. This church was formerly in the parish of Ontario East together with The Church of Good Shepherd
    in Cornwall, Ontario, which is now closed.
    St. John's is part of the two-point Parish Of Glengarry, established in 1994 together with
    St. Michael and All Angels of Maxville, Ontario. Many thanks! David Clifford updated 1/26/13
    Church Records,start about 1898 and continue to the present with some gaps.


    Church Records,
    Baptisms start in 1898 and continue to the present. Marriages start in 1900 and continue to the present. Deaths start in 1899 and continue to the present.

  24. St. Joseph's Catholic Church, [Bil.] 613-347-2027 Located at corner of Maple at Beech Street. Priest .

    Church Records, Baptisms start in 1904 and continue to the present. Marriages start in 1904 and continue to the present. Deaths start in 1904 and continue to the present.


  25. St. Alexander Catholic Church [Bil.] 613-525-1340 Located on the 5th concession of Lochiel township.

    Church Records,
    Church records start in about 1863 and continue to the present and is now 1999 a mission of St. Finnans in Alexandria.



  26. St. Andrews United Church,
    Located on River Road
    Church Records, start probably in the mid to late 1840's, and from what I have heard are
    sparingly few and continue, no doubt with gaps until the present. I have not seen the
    church records of this church, but am going on what I have been told.

    Some St. Andrews United Church History,

  27. St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, 528-4631


    Church Records,
    Church records start about 1927 and continue to the present, previous records prior to 1925, are part of those records of the St. Andrews United Church Martintown, or St. Andrews Church in Williamstown,

  28. St. William's Catholic Church [Bil.] 527-2058 Located on Main Street


  29. Maxville United Church 613 527-1589 Located, 28 Main Street

  30. St. James Catholic Church [Bil.] 613 527-2868

  31. St. Michael and All Angels Anglican Church

    St. Elmo

  32. The Gordon Presbyterian Church


  33. The Congregational Church


    St. Raphaels West [Eng.]

  34. St. Raphaels Catholic Church, 613 347-2247 Church Records,
    Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths all start in 1804, 1805
    and continue to the present.
    St. Raphaels Catholic Church, Photo c.1969

    This photo of St. Raphaels Church is circa early 1900's.
    Photo is taken from the North East side looking South East.
    From our file copy & is copyrighted by Alex W. Fraser.

    The Ruin of St Raphaels Roman Catholic Church has a web site at

    SomeSt Raphaels History

    From the Ashes of St. RaphaelsNew5/99

    South Lancaster

  35. St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, the old stone church at south lancaster, ontario

    Located on Church Street at Calvin.
    Church Records, for Baptisms, marriages and Deaths start about 1927 and continue to the present.

    The Synod of Quebec and Eastern Ontario
    The Presbyterian Church in Canada which includes the PRESBYTERY OF SEAWAY-GLENGARRY.



  36. Salem United Church, Highway #2, north side of Road, west of Summerstown, Ontario
    Church Records,Baptisms start about 1884, marriages and deaths about mid 1890's, and
    continue with some gaps to the present.

    Williamstown Some History

  37. The Hepzibah Church, 1899-1911
    The church existed up until the 1940 to some degree. It was taken down in the 1950's. It was
    situated near the entrance of the Williamstown Fair Grounds. In 1925 it became a mission
    of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Martintown, Ontario.
    Church Records, have been published by us for the period of 1899-1911 and as part of
    St. Andrews Presbyterian Church Martintown, Ontario, Church Records for the period 1927-1992

  38. St. Andrews United Church Located on Church Street.
    Church Records,
    Baptisms From 1779
    Marriages, 1779
    Deaths, only 2 deaths recorded between 1779 - 1804 and continue to the present in some form
    with mainly Baptisms, some marriages and few deaths up til 1914

  39. St. Mary's Catholic Church [Eng.] 613 347-3511 Some HistoryLocated at the corner of County Road #19 and Mary Street.

    Church Records,
    Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths all start in November 1854
    and continue to the present.

    Click image for some history.

    A view of St. Mary's Williamstown, Ontario from the back of the cemetery,
    a sketch done by Robin Wall for gravestones of Glengarry Volume 1, in the mid 1970's.

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