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Some GPSSV Area History

The following Articles deals with Area history of People, events, towns, villages etc. which have been gleaned from our files and or local newspapers.

  1. A revisit to South Lancaster - Over 50 years later by Roy Oram of Pender Island, BC New 5/11

  2. Article on Bathia Ross, Mrs Alex Fortune dau of Murdoch & Catharine Ross of Lancaster twp, Glengarry County in pdf format New 3/11

  3. Passenger Lists New 7/2003
    • The Ship MacDonald 1786
      On this ship came 540 Highlanders who settled in Glengarry, among whom were Angus Ban "a'Mhuinneal" MacDonald & Farquhar McRae
    • The 1790 British Queen
    • The 1802 MacMillan Emmigration. The passenger lists for these 448 persons have been carefully worked up in the Lochaber Emigrants to Glengarry, Rae Fleming ed, 1994
      This work deals at least in part with the passengers of the Ships "Friends", "Helen", & "The Jane".
    • The Neptune in 1802 under Captain Boyd which is estimated to have 550 passengers, but no work has been apparently done on this passenger list.
    • The Dorothy in 1815 This is the ship mentioned in the Peter stewart Diary of Stewarts, McLaurins and others who came to the Breadalbane, Ontario. Lochiel Township, glengarry County area in 1815. New 5/05
    • 1802 Ships
  4. The Bainsville (Blue) Bombers Hockey team circa early 1950 New 2/05
  5. The Bainsville Blue Bombers Hockey team 1980 New 11/01
  6. The Battle of The Windmill New 2/2000
    in 1838 at Prescott, Ontario in which the Glengary Militia took part.
  7. Bethune-Thompson HouseNew 3 /2000
    information is from Two Ontario Heritage Foundation circulars 1983, 1991 on the Bethune Thompson House.
  8. Caledonia springs New 8/01
  9. Some Canadian History, Biography Links From the Electric Scotland.Com web site New 02/01
  10. Connor, Ralph Plaque to Memory Of
  11. Dingwall, Dr. Donald G.
  12. Dornie, Some History New 02/01
  13. Finnan The Buffalo/ "Finnan Mor"New 07/01
  14. Fort Needless, see information under GPSSV Name Locator New 02/01
  15. Fraserfield
  16. Origin of Fraserfield
  17. Simon Fraser, the Explorer --- New 9 /2000
  18. Fraser, Simon And A Tour Of British Columbia's Fraser River Canyon, Of
  19. The Glengarry Light Infantry 1812 Copied from the October GHS Newsletter New 10/00
  20. Historical Sites of Cornwall Township --- New 9 /2000
  21. Johnson, Sir John Built The First Mill
  22. Kirk Hill 150th Anniversary
  23. Lancaster Dodgers Hockey Team --- New 2 /2009
  24. Lancaster, Historic Church Tower At
  25. Land Registry Records Association for the Preservation of Ontario Land Registry Office Documents
  26. MacDonell, Bishop Alexander 1st Bishop of Upper CanadaNew 1 /2000
  27. MacDonell,Bishop Alexander 1st Bishop of Upper CanadaNew 07/01
    These two articles of the Big Bishop are the same,but on different web pages
  28. McCrimmon, Ont., Sons Of Scotland Sept 1, 1900 New 2 /2005
  29. McDonald Family in Canada,The Arrival of the Hector
    the father of Allan the cooper McDonald (1828-abt 1875), barrel maker of Glengarry and Stormont Counties New 11/99
  30. Macdonald, John Sandfield Press Release Sketches Political Life Of
  31. Macdonald, John Sandfield To Unveil Memorial Plaque Oct. 24th At St. Raphael's Birthplace of
  32. MacDonald, Lloyd & Archie of Lancaster, Ontario, a little history. They were the sons of Florence MacDonald dau of Dannie Rory [see Gravestones of Glengarry Vol 2, 1978 p.183 index, under Dan R, MacDonald] & son of Duncan MacDonald [see Gravestones of Glengarry Vol 2, 1978 p.183 index, under MacDonald Duncan A.] brother of John Alex "Black Sandy" MacDonald. New 11/99 This link no longer works AF 11/03
  33. MacDonell, Miles
    Highland Emigrants to Lochiel Township, Glengarry County, Ontario New 11/99
  35. The Macmillans in Lochaber
  36. MacMillan History Pieces
  37. Proposed book announcement on Pipe Major John T. MacKenzie New 8/00
  38. Maxville Anglicans
  39. Moose Creek Presbyterians Marked 121st Anniversary
  40. NOMENCLATURE [Nicknames] IN GLENGARRY Some Glengarry Nicknames New 10/00
  41. Occupations
    A List of Occupations. This is a list of occupations of which many are archaic. These are useful to genealogists since surnames usually originated from someone's occupation. --- New 02/01
  42. Old Boys' Reunion, 1906 CornwallNew 1 /2000
    Illustrated copy of the original work, 124 or 180 page on line.
  43. 1837 RebellionNew 05/05
  44. St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Lancaster, to commemorate the 175th anniversary
  45. St. Raphael,The Bells Of
  46. St. Raphael's Parish, Miss Dunlop Writes Of The Founder Of
  47. David Thompson, Had No Peer As Explorer And Map-Maker
  48. Three Articles by Royce MacGillivray On aspects of Glengarry History.
  49. A Post card history of Cornwall New 11/10
  50. David Thompson (explorer) (April 30, 1770 - February 10, 1857) New 3/11
  51. Writing & Reading Glengarry County By rob mclennan New 3/11
  53. The Founder Of St. Raphael's Parish
  54. Our Home Town-- Our Past-- Cornwall & Area



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