Glengarry, Prescott, Stormont, County Ontario; Soulanges, Vaudreuil County, Quebec [GPSSV] Titles Published & Unpublished
by Alex W. Fraser -- Rhoda Ross
1975 - 2010

Dun & Bradstreet #203291302

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Published by

Alex. W. Fraser & Rhoda Ross,

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down load Alex's Titles book list in pdf format
Bridging The Gap, Vol 1&21988-1989 Alex W. Fraser 0840-7738/ 0921307381 2034/HHBG-034 ..
Bridging The Gap, Vol 3 & 4 1990-1991 Alex W. Fraser 092130742X 2040/HHBG-040...
Bridging The Gap, Vol 5 & 6 1992-1993 Alex W. Fraser 0921307543 2042/HHBG-042...
Bridging The Gap, Vol 7 1994 Alex W. Fraser 0921307586 HHBG-044...
The Devon Connection Newsletter, Vol. 1
Deals with Rhoda's Westlake Family Connections
1996 Rhoda Ross none 2061/HHDC-061..
Family Genealogies Issue #1 to 4 1981 - 1986 Alex W. Fraser 0227-0994 2007/HHHP-007...
GGS Newsletter 1975-1979 Alex W. Fraser 0921307101 2001/HHGN-001...
Highland Heritage Vol.1 1979 Alex W. Fraser0921307187 2003/HHHP-003...
Highland Heritage Vol.2
1980 Alex W. Fraser0921307160 2005/HHHP-005...
Highland Heritage Vol.3 1983-1986 Alex W. Fraser0921307209 2006/HHHP-006...
Highland Heritage Vol. 4 1987-1989 Alex W. Fraser 09213073652039/HHHP-039...

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