located at the junction of the 4th concession of Lancaster/Concession 4 RD & 2nd line Road & Edgars side road, [at the north end of Westleys side road] , north end of lot 24 - 3rd concession of Lancaster, on the east side of the road. this stone presently is in the possession of the Glengarry Historical Society, awf. This is a map of the location
This marker was located to the right of the almost vertical yellow line which is now called 2nd Line Road and down about 100 feet or so from the Concession 4 Road. The blue squiggly line in the middle of the photo is Sutherland Creek.

In memory of
Robert Richardson
who died
July 31, 1873
ae. 42 years.

Erected by his sister
Mary Jane in
afffectionate remembrance.

W. FLYNN stone mason

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