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  • This group has a Museum situated at Carrillon, Quebec on the Ottawa, River, opposite Pointe Fortune.
    The following is taken from a brouchure we had in our files. [ 6/99 awf]
    Savour Argenteuil's history
    In photos below, Museum is on left, Carrillon Dam on right.
    Come and see this fine example of the Georgian style which was begun in 1830 and served as a hotel;
    used briefly as an army barracks; then as a hostelry for Ottawa River traffic for over 90 years.
    The collection inside reflects this life and that of earlier settlers.
    Enjoy a visit to the only historical museum on the banks of the Ottawa between Montreal and Hull.

    Located at Carillon, Quebec Tel# 514-537-3861 Open 7 days a week May 1 - October 14 10:00 A.M. - Noon 1:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.


Old Barracks - CARILLON VieiIle caserne
Established 1938 Inauguré

The Museum is situated on the North Bank of the Ottawa River, at Carillon, on Highway 344, some 80 km from Montreal and about 110 km rom Ottawa.

The following is adirection map of how to get to the museum from Lachute,

The historical building was generously donated by Mr Felix Hungerbuhler in 1937 to the Historical Society of Argenteuil to be converted into a museum, which was achieved with the assistance of the federal government.

The old barracks building was erected by Commissary-General C. J. Forbes about 1836 and housed soldiers and officers.

The Barracks is a large 4-storey stone building in good Preservation. It is a fine example of military architecture of the early 19th century. The original doors, stairs and woodwork have been preserved.

The visitors have access to eleven rooms, each displaying various items of historical interest: Indian arts and handicrafts, coats-of-arms, military paraphernalia, porcelains and pottery gathered locally, last century costumes etc..
One can examine exhibits of early railway trains and other transportation facilities.

A room shows memorials to Sir John J. C. Abbott, a native of St Andrews and the first Canadian-born Prime Minister of Canada.

The Wales Library is dedicated to the memory of Dr B. N. Wales of St Andrews East, one of the founders of the Historical Society and its first President.

Throughout the museum., one with a minimum of curiosity for national, military and local history will discover many an item worthy of interest.

Information: (514) 537-3861

The above is taken from a hand out circular on the Museum, which we picked up in the early 1990's

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