There are 2 Museums in Glengarry operated by the Glengarry Historical Society. Contact by e-mail G H S

The Nor'Wester and Loyalist Museum is located in Williamstown, Ontario beside the Oldest Fair in Ontario, The Williamstown Fair which has celebrated about 190 years of continuous annual operation.

The Glengarry Pioneer Museum, Dunvegan now has a web site, go to -- added 2/11
The Glengarry Pioneer Museum
is located at the other end of Glengarry at Dunvegan diagonally across from the Kenyon Presbyterian Church Cemetery. --- updated 9 /2000

Pioneer photo by Rhoda Ross.

The Glengarry Archives is now open in the Sir John Johnson Manor House in Williamstown, Ontario.
--- New 8 /2000

This link, Glengarry Archives Article is an article put out by the Glengarry Historical Society in their Newsletter in May of 1999 and is included here for informational purposes only.

Alex macKenzie's Compass 6/99
Now on permanent display at the Nor'Westers & Loyalist Museum in Williamstown, Ontario. This article appeared in the Glengarry News April 14.99


There are 2 Museums in Cornwall, operated by the S.D.G. Historical Society. Contact P.O. Box 773, Cornwall, Ontario, K6H 5T5.

The Wood House Museum is located on 2nd street west opposite the Howard Smith Paper Mill. It is my understanding that plans are in the making to move this Museum to another location.
Update 8/00, The Wood House Museum has now been moved to the park south of the Civic Complex between Water Street and the river. Woodhouse photo by Rhoda Ross.

Inverarden Regency Cottage Museum is located on the eastern outskirts of Cornwall on highway two just west of Boundary Road and Gray's Creek.
The SDG Historical Society are required to leave Inverarden Regency Cottage Museum by the end of 1999.

The Cornwall Township Historical Society

The Raisin River Heritage Centre.

St. Andrews West

The original single storied building was built in 1843 as a convent boarding/day school, and was burnt down about 1900. The present building was constructed between 1906-1908, using much of the. original stone.

The "Grey Nuns", of Ottawa operated the school from 1847-1851, followed by the Sisters of Notre Dame of Montreal from 1885-1918 and the Sisters of St. Joseph from Peterborough from 1918-1976. The convent was closed in 1976.

In 1978 the building was designated a Heritage Building. It now contains museum and is the head-quarters of Cornwall Township Historical Society

OPEN SUNDAYS . 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

From July 4 To Aug. 29

For group tours or other information, phone 613-933-4072 or 613-938-8947 --- corrected/updated 9 /2000

All these Museums operate on their own opening hours schedule. The Nor'Wester and Pioneer Museum and Woodhouse are closed for the winter season. Inverarden may still be opened.

More information on Museums will be gathered and added to later on.

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