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  1. Bainsville, Ontario Blue Bombers 1950 Hockey Team
  2. Bainsville, Ontario Blue Bombers 1980 Hockey Team
  3. Cairn Island
  4. Dussy Seaman
  5. Fassifern
  6. Fraserfield
  7. Glen Gordon Station, Ontario
  8. Glen Gordon, Ontario
  9. Green Valley, Ontario
  10. Lancaster Dodgers Hockey Team
  11. Lancaster Main Street
  12. Laggan, Ontario
  13. McCrimmon Sons of Scotland
  14. Rhoda's paintings Receive Four Firsts At The 1999 Williamstown Ontario Fair, held Aug. 6 to 8th. 1999
  15. S.S. No 1 School Photo 1963-64
  16. Three Firsts at the Comox, BC Fall Fair, Sep. 1999
  17. More of Rhoda's Paintings
  18. The Cronies 3


Lancaster Village Main Street Pre 1914


This is a view taken from immediate north of the railway tracks which goes across the bottom of the photo and you are looking south. It is from a postcard, which is dated Aug 1914. The actual photo, a winter scene, represents, I believe how Lancaster main street looked a few years previous, maybe even before the first fire in 1908.
The hydro line goes down the left side and the telephone down the right side.
The building on the right was circa mid 1950's and before a grocery store operated by the Bergerons. This is where Marioburgers Restaurant now stands.
The 2nd building on the right is where the present Berrigans Pub/Hotel now stands.
On the left the 1st building could be McRaes Hall, the spot which is today [1999] Pat St. Pierre's garage, Shell Station.

Can any viewer better identify any of the buildings shown in this photo? If so kindly let us know, contact = Alex W. Fraser ,
This photo is from Rhoda's files & is copyrighted by her.


Wharf at South Lancaster

This is a photo, also from a postcard of the Wharf at South Lancaster as it looked in the earlier part of this present century, early 1900's.
This photo is from Rhoda's files & is copyrighted by her.

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